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Who doesn’t remember the crazy “Hellish Rock Tour” in 2007/2008? HELLOWEEN and their Very Special Guests GAMMARAY played 95 shows in 34 countries and left ecstatic metal fans in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America in their wake! Those who didn’t have the chance to be there, can now breathe in deeply and make the ‘Remake’ twice as unforgettable! The conditions are right: Booking wires are running red-hot for the “Hellish Rock Tour Part II”, which will start in March 2013 in Europe and go around the globe, once again featuring GAMMARAY.

Berlin Headbanging with Bullet, Crucified Barbara, Gamma Ray

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Berlin Headbanging ...with Bullet, Crucified Barbara, Gamma Ray

ZDF Kultur

"Diesmal geht es hard und heavy zu im Berliner Trafo. Moderatorin Silke Super empfängt auf den drei Berlin Live-Bühnen die schwedischen Heavy Metal-Bands Bullet und Crucified Barbara sowie die deutsche Speed Metal-Formation Gamma Ray."

January 07th, 2012, 21:00h (CET) - ZDF Kultur (Link: HTTPS://

zdf-kultur2011_videothumbTo see a preview of the event including an interview with Kai Hansen backstage click on the thumb on the right sight (video will open in new window). Update: no longer available...

Gamma Ray in end-of-the-year review on "RTL Explosiv"

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RTL Nachtjournal Kai Hansen70.000 Tons Of MetalFor all the fans who missed the TV report of "70.000 Tons Of Metal" Cruise: Here's another chance to see Gamma Ray on German TV:
RTL LogoThe event has been so amazing that it was part of the end-of-the-year review of 2011 seen on German RTL Channel during the news magazine called "RTL Explosiv" that reports about the "70.000 Tons Of Metal" cruise.
Check: RTL Explosiv from the 31.12.2011 (starting @ ~23:20 min. / Gamma Ray @ 26:16 min. (live on stage) + 29:10 min. (interview)): Enjoy! RTL Explosiv - 31.12.2011