Unlucky Dirk: in hospital

Written by Harald on .

Luck doesn't seem to be with Dirk after the Mini Tour that just ended some days ago.
He had to go to hospital and will not be able to perform on the upcoming Gamma Ray concert in their hometown Hamburg, Germany at the "Hafenfest" next Saturday, May 7th 2011.
However the show will take place with "Eggie" (Tobias Exxel) from Edguy on bass guitar. Gamma Ray is glad that they don't have to cancel that gig due to the support of their friend "Eggie" and wishes Dirk all the best! As soon as there are any detailed infos on Dirks health we will inform you, but as Kai has stated today (Wednesday), Dirk is already getting better and will be up soon! So you don't have to worry!

The Rays have just returned from their Mini Tour

Written by Harald on .

T-Shirt_Faces-back_smallThe Rays have just returned from their "Skeletons & Majesties Mini Tour" that took place in Germany and Switzerland.
The kick off had been on Easter Monday. The Rays had their first show with the totally new set in Bremen.
Going along with the latest release of Gamma Ray ("Skeletons & Majesties" EP) the band has spiced up seldom played songs the fans could vote for during the last months. So the Rays came up with an awesome collection of songs represented in two completely different styles - acoustic and with full metal gear.

GAMMA RAY wants you!

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y e s , w e  w a n t  y o u . . . t o  s i n g ! ! !

Therefore we have included the Karaoke version of „Rebellion In Dreamland“ on “Skeletons & Majesties” EP. Record YOUR vocals for the song with any means you have (tape deck, camera in your living room, amateur or pro equipment). The sound doesn’t matter, all that counts is the performance! Send it to us with the reference „Gamma Ray Karaoke“ together with a photo and a BIT of info about yourself (photos only if you want):