Henjo in Hospital

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Dear All,

unfortunately we are forced to deliver the bad news that Henjo Richter had a bike accident and broke three ribs and the collarbone, so he will not be able to play on the cruise. Since we couldn't find a replacement and did not want to cancel the show and leave our fans disappointed, we have decided to play the show nevertheless and give our longtime live keyboarder Mr. Corvin Bahn (Crystal Breed) some extraspace and a distortionpedal for his organsounds. So if you're on the boat and around 1:45 am hear something that sounds like Deep Purple playing Gamma Ray songs, its us. Hope you'll enjoy this 'Show beyond the ordinary' .

Cheerzzz and have fun

Da Rrrrayzzz.

Gamma Ray live with Bullet und Crucified Barbara

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berlin_live_zdf_kulturIt is waiting for you at the 18th September a spectacular new edition of the exclusive mini-festival. Berlin Berlin Live brings international concert culture on TV. The city is vital, diverse, can celebrate damn good and is a strong magnet for artists. It has become a creative music scene located there, which permanently changed and renewed. Berlin Live is a musical happening, held in TRANSFORMER, the impressive concrete Cathedral of the legendary club Tresor. Three bands come together and play alternately. Sure you here your guest list place for the 18th September with Gamma Ray , and Bullet Crucified Barbara! To live to be there when these three extraordinary bands bring the Kopenickerstrasse in Berlin to the quake, simply fill out the form below. With a bit of luck you get then immediately an email from us, you explained exactly where you need to be and when you make yourself secure participation in Berlin Live. For those who can not attend the show at 7. January 2012 at 21:00 clock broadcast on ZDFkultur. Link: Motor.de

Metal Liga 2011

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metalhammer_bundesliga2011Gamma Ray takes part in the "Metal Liga" by German Metal Hammer Magazine.
Musicians, the Metal Hammer Crew and the some fans will tip the whole German Bundesliga 2011 starting in August 2008. Each date one musician will participate and give his voting on each of the games.
You should be quick as there will only be 298 fans part of it. More infos can be found (in German language) on the Metal Hammer Website. Join them or just enjoy the interviews done with the musicians related to the tips.

Karaoke-Contest ended

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karaoke_skeletonThe "Karaoke-Contest" is over now (it ended end of May 2011) and Gamma Ray have been stunned by the quantity and creativity of input (more than 100 contributions) of the participants. It will be a quite long way to go through them and much more difficult to decide which ones will be the winning performances in the end.
The band will listen to all recordings during the next weeks and the winners will be posted at the end of July or beginning of August 2011.
Thanks to all of you who took part in the contest and good luck as well. The band will for sure enjoy any of the recordings you handed in to us.