Dan left, Michael Ehré new drummer of GAMMA RAY

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Dear All!
You might have heard it through the grapevine already or asked yourself why Dan didn't play on the recent shows this year.

We are very sorry to announce that since January 2012 Dan has left GAMMARAY to change for a more settled lifestyle that doesn't take him away from home so often.
Here's his statement to all of you:

Dear fans,
thank you very much for your never-ending support and the countless magic moments with you during the last 15 years.
You are the best !!! (Eh kloar)
Being the drummer of Gamma Ray was an eventful, exciting, challenging and very emotional time and I would never want to miss it.
Now it is time for me to try out new avenues.

Stay Metal forever in eternity


We have waited with an official statement to leave open the chance for a change of heart and because we didn't really want to start an official search for a new drummer.

Meanwhile, the guy who has played all the shows with us this year has grown so much into the band that now we can proudly present him as our new drummer,

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome .....
Mr. Michael Ehré !!!
Michael is already known in the scene for his work with "Uli Jon Roth", "Metalium", "Firewind" and his band "Love Might Kill" where he proved that he is not only a great drummer but an excellent songwriter aswell.
We have already started working on new material for the next GAMMARAY album together and we are very much looking forward to enter this new era of the Rays with a fresh wind in our sails and go around the world together with a new, hopefully killer album.
Here's our video announcement:
[hmyt width = "560" height="315"]HTTPS://youtu.be/qjnE2lUp9l4[/hmyt]
Thanks for your Support and a big Cheeeerrrrzzzz from da Rrrrrayzzzzz.

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