Releases - 1990: "Heaven Can Wait"

Written by Harald on .

Heaven Can Wait

"Heaven Can Wait":

Released: 1990

Recorded and mixed at Karo-Music-Studios Brackel (song 1-2),
Horus Sound Studio Hannover (song 3-5)
Produced by Kai Hansen
Co-Produced by Piet Sielck

Length: 23:06


1. Heaven Can Wait (band version) (Hansen / Hansen)
2. Who Do You Think You Are?* (Hansen,Scheepers,Schlächter,Wessel,Kusch/ Hansen)
3. Sail On (Hansen / Hansen)
4. Mr. Outlaw (Scheepers / Scheepers)
5. Lonesome Stranger (Hansen / Hansen)

*Only on European Version


Ralf Scheepers: Vocal
Kai Hansen: Guitar
Dirk Schlächter: Guitar
Uwe Wessel: Bass
Uli Kusch: Drums


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