Releases - 2000: "Blast From The Past"

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Blast From The Past

"Blast From The Past":

Released: 26.06.2000

Recorded and Mixed at: Hansen Studio Hamburg
Produced and Mixed by: Kai Hansen & Dirk Schlächter
Co-Produced by: Gamma Ray
Cover painting & illustrations by: Derek Riggs
Digital Artwork & Booklet-design by: Henjo Richter

Length: 61:03 (CD1), 60:26 (CD2)


CD 1:
Lust For Life
Heaven Can Wait
Heading For Tomorrow
Rich & Famous (Japan-Bonus)
One With The World
Dream Healer
Tribute To The Past
Last Before The Storm
Heal Me

CD 2:
Rebellion In Dreamland
Man On A Mission
Land Of The Free
The Silence ('95 version)
Beyond The Black Hole
Somewhere Out In Space
Valley Of The Kings
Anywhere In The Galaxy
Send Me A Sign

All tracks on CD 1 and tracks 1-3 on CD 2 are completely new recordings from the year 2000. Tracks 4-10 on CD2 are remastered versions of the original recordings


Kai Hansen: Vocal, Guitar
Henjo Richter: Guitar
Dirk Schlächter: Bass
Daniel Zimmermann: Drums

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