News from the Ray camp

Written by Kai Hansen on .

Dear Friends,'s been a while since you've had some news from the band and since there's been a lot of questions asked by many, we thought the time is right to give you an update from the Gammaray Camp.

About the DVD: The current status is that everything is ready so far, except for the 'Home Video' part of the Bonus section. We have made our way through quite a bit of tapes, CD's, DVD's etc. filmed by ourselves, friends, fans, crew and so on and there's a lot of material that had to be converted, cut and edited. Yesterday I spoke to the Videocompany and they told me that it was layed on ice for two weeks because they had two other shootings to do, but we should get a viewing copy by the end of the week.... let's see. This thing seems to be turning into a never ending story... sh*t, we just want to say 'done' now and announce a release date... which hopefully is going to be before summer