Long awaited update on Karaoke Contest!

Written by Harald on .

karaoke_skeletonFinally you get the hard-deserved and long awaited update on the "Karaoke-Contest" with this.
It has been in no way meant to be a contempt of all the great recordings and individual input we got from each of you.
There have been so many great songs recorded and sent to us that we almost got into an internal quarrel in the band about which of the participants belongs to our Top 10. We finally are about to be able to release them and can already tell you that it's been no easy decision at all and we had to listen to the songs again and again during the past time. Thanks for all your patience and we hope to very soon name the winning contributions. The Rays.


#1 Bigdave 2015-06-19 02:52
So, do we have a winner yet? I just stumbled upon my recording from four years ago and thought: couldn't hurt to ask...

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