"The future of music"

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Before leaving to "Hellish Rock II" Tour, Kai participated in an interesting discussion forum at at a panel show of German Metal Magazine "Rock Hard TV" (Online Stream) and discussed about the future of music with different persons involved in the media scene, like Antje Lange from Century Media,who did a great job for Gamma Ray when she still had been working at NOISE in Berlin. One main topic is filesharing, youtube and the future of the new media sector with spotify, etc. Kai is taking up position and gives very clear examples. It's especially interesting as the attention grew after Gamma Ray deleted a lot of youtube uploads during the last months.

Sadly though the discussion is in German, but you can check the inofficial fanclub facebook page "Rebels Of Dreamland", they translated at least Kais words to English.

"The Future Of Music" - Part 1

"The Future Of Music" - Part 2

Taken from: HTTPS://www.rockhard.de/tv/

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