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Unfortunately we have some bad news. Henjo and Michael won’t make it to the tour in April in Latin/South America. Henjo was badly hit by a car 3 months ago and had several ribs and bones broken. He is recovering well but some of the ribs are still making problems and will need some more time to heal properly. The doctors said he should not fly until everything is all right.

More than a decade ago we had a similar situation and we found finish guitar player Kasperi Heikkinen to replace Henjo for some shows. We had a really good vibe with him and luckily he is available to help us out again. So Kasperi (who is currently playing with Beast in Black) will do all the shows in April with us.
Also - two weeks ago Michael had a normal appendix surgery. Unluckily something still is not quite right and he has to undergo surgery again next week. Same here too - the doctors said he should wait six weeks to play a show or fly again. It was not easy to find a drummer who’s able to play the GRay songs the right way and who was also available. Michele Sanna, a session drummer and drum tech from Italy, will be an excellent replacement for Michael and rocks with us the upcoming shows.
All Rayniacs please welcome Kasperi and Michele  -  up da Rays - ya can’t stopp’em!!!


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