Henjo injured on ferry boat

Written by Harald on .

Last Sunday on the ferry boat from Stockholm to Helsinki Henjo was badly injured falling down a stairway. He suffered strong bruises which made it impossible for him to play the upcoming shows. He was directly delivered to a hospital in Helsinki where he was examined and treated with strong painkillers. Now Henjo is at home in Hamburg for recovery but he hopes to be able to jump on the running tour again soon. The band hopes that he's back already for the Gothenburg show but can't promise it. Latest for the show in Moscow Henjo will be back on stage. In the meantime he's replaced by Kasperi Heikkinen from the finnish Gamma Ray tribute band Guardians Of Mankind. Kasperi is the second member of Guardians Of Mankind beside Keyboarder Eero Kaukomies who joines the Gamma Ray line up on the Majestic tour.

We all wish Henjo a good and fast recovery!

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