Skeletons and Majesties

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Dear Friends!
You might have heard through the grapevine that the Rays have something cooking again, .....and yes, we do have.

As the "Skeletons In The Closet" album was so well accepted some time ago, we thought it might be time to do an encore.
While going through all previous albums we found that there is still a ton of songs that we either never or barely played.
So we decided to do a bit of touring with a total different set and revive some of these songs with our nowadays chemistry and vibe.
But that's not all... while jamming around with accoustic guitars we discovered that it's actually much fun and that we have a good amount of songs that are cool to listen to as 'unplugged' versions. So these special shows will consist of live un- or rarely heard stuff in full metal gear ('Skeletons') and a good choice of our most famous 'hits' in a different way (we chose to call them 'Majesties') ...and 'presto': here we go with Skeletons and Majesties!!!
To give you all an impression of what's to await we have recorded a Mini Album with the following 4 tracks:
  • Skeletons:
    Hold your ground (from 'Heading for tomorrow')
    Brothers (from 'Insanity and Genius')
  • Majesties:
    Rebellion in Dreamland (from 'Land of the free')
    Send me a sign (from 'Powerplant')
Needless to say that we think the new versions are brilliant, the best ever, hilarious, outstanding, awesome and so on.... no shit, we really do! But judge for yourself...

The Mini will come out on: 08.04.2011

The first bit of the tour will be a short one before summer (25.4. Bremen (GER), 26.4. Berlin (GER), 28.4. Bochum (GER), 29.4. Pratteln (CH)) to see how it will be received and to put the whole thing on CD and DVD which will be out after summer when we will continue to take this thing around the world. For the setlist of the Skeletons part we kindly request your help and opinion. We have prepared a list of all songs that fall into the 'Skeletons' criteria and would like each of you to choose his (or her) 10 favourites.
We hope that you like the idea and that we will see you on the tour.

Additional info from our webmaster: the poll will start 21st of February and include a registration to our website which is supposed to be extended to a growing fan-community. For voting you first have to register to our forthcoming community.

Big Cheeeeerzzzzzz from da Rrrrrrayzzzz

How to vote:

  1. Register to the Official Gamma Ray Website (Create an account)
  2. Wait for your account to be activated (by Webmaster)
  3. Find "Skeletons Poll" (CLOSED) in the user menu
  4. You can only vote ONCE!!!
  5. Be sure that "Thanks" appears after voting to be sure your vote has really been submitted!
  6. Enjoy and thank you for your vote!

    Skeletons to vote for:

1990 - Heading For Tomorrow

Heading For Tomorrow
Hold Your Ground
Look At Yourself
Sail On
Mr. Outlaw (EP)
Who Do You Think You Are (EP)

1991 - Sigh No More

Sigh No More
As Time Goes By
We Won't Stop The War
Father & Son
Start Running
The Spirit

1993 - Insanity And Genius

Insanity And Genius
The Cave Principle
Future Madhouse
Insanity & Genius
18 Years
Your Tørn Is Over

1995 - Land Of The Free

Land Of The Free
Gods Of Deliverance
Salvations Calling
Time To Break Free
Heavy Metal Mania (EP)
A While In Dreamland (EP)

1997 - Somewhere Out In Space

Somewhere Out In Space
Men Martians & Machines
No Stranger
The Landing
The Winged Horse
Lost In The Future
Watcher In The Sky
Return To Fantasy

1999 - Powerplant

Anywhere In The Galaxy
Strangers In The Night
Short As Hell
It's A Sin
Wings Of Destiny
Hands Of Fate
Long Live Rock'n'Roll

2001 - No World Order

No World Order!
Dethrone Tyranny
Damn The Machine
Solid Fire Below
Follow Me
Lake Of Tears

2005 - Majestic

My Temple
Strange World
Hell Is Thy Home
Condemned To Hell
Spiritual Dictator
How Long

2007 - Land Of The Free II

Land Of The Free II
To Mother Earth
Leaving Hell
When The World
Hear Me Calling

2010 - To The Metal!

To The Metal!
All You Need To Know
Time To Live
Shine Forever
Chasing Shadows
One Life

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