Unity 2017 featuring Michael and Henjo

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Michael Ehré and Henjo Richter (both Gamma Ray) launch new band Debut album out in spring 2017

With their latest sensational signing, Hanover record imprint Steamhammer/SPV has set the course for more highlights in the coming year: UNITY, the new band founded by drummer Michael Ehré and guitarist Henjo Richter (both Gamma Ray), has signed a long-term contract and is currently busy working on their debut album. The eponymously titled recording has been scheduled for release in early 2017 and aficionados of powerful hard rock and technically accomplished melodic metal can expect to get more than their money’s worth.

Along with their two figureheads, Richter and Ehré, UNITY consists of Gianba Manenti (vocals), Stef E (guitar), Jogi Sweers (bass) and Sascha Onnen (keyboards), all of them musicians that many fans have been familiar with since Ehré’s band Love.Might.Kill arrived on the scene.

“During many gigs and countless hours in the rehearsal room, Michael and I discovered that we are on the same wavelength, on a personal as well as on a musical level. So we came up with the idea of focusing that part of our creativity that goes beyond Gamma Ray in another band,” Richter explains. “UNITY features the perfect line-up for that.”

Michael Ehré is equally enthusiastic: “We’re proud and more than happy to have found a strong partner in SPV/Steamhammer who enjoy an excellent reputation on a global level. The amazing experience and great passion with which Olly Hahn has helmed the label for many years are awesome. We’re really looking forward to our fruitful collaboration and will ensure together that UNITY gets off to a successful start.”

Olly Hahn, A&R at Steamhammer, places great hopes on his new signing: “The outstanding songwriting and great technical skill of everybody involved are unmistakable. For this reason, UNITY suits the Steamhammer team perfectly and we will continue to work flat out for our artists in 2017.”

Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/2018

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Here comes the sensation for all HELLOWEEN fans: You believed in it for years and continued to ask for it – now is the time: In fall 2017, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen will once again mount a HELLOWEEN stage together and resurrect the band’s legendary original line-up. Yes, it’s official: Weikath, Kiske, Hansen, Grosskopf are going to play HELLOWEEN classics live and on a joint tour. Massive news. Awesome. But you might want to sit down again, because that’s not all of it! Under the flag PUMPKINS UNITED all pumpkin heads will step up – meaning Andi & Michi on vocals, Kai & Weiki & Sascha on guitars, and Markus & Dani in the rhythm section.



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KAI HANSEN, earMUSIC and WACKEN Foundation are happy to announce the release of "XXX", the first "solo project" album by Kai Hansen, one of the most influential guitarists and singers to emerge from Germany during the first part of the 80s. First with ground-breaking band HELLOWEEN (of which Hansen is one of the founding members) and later with GAMMA RAY, one of the bands that contributed to define the genre power metal, bringing it to generation of devoted fans worldwide since its first album.

"XXX" is, in pure Hansen tongue-in-cheek style, a reference to over 30 years of involvement in the world of heavy rock, as explained with the album's sub-title "Three Decades In Metal".

The album will be released in August 2016 on earMUSIC with further news to be shared soon.

"XXX" is a magical journey. It is the story of how powerful dreams can be.

Dreams and passions big enough to bring a teenager from Hamburg who is in love with rock music, glam rock and the first heavy metal sounds from the practicing space in his bedroom and rehearsal rooms to the biggest stages in the world practicing, and ending up influencing and sharing the stage with the very same bands he admired in the first place.

Not strictly autobiographical, "XXX" is without doubt the story of Kai Hansen but it could very well represent the story of anybody who is not afraid to believe in dreams, with passion and dedication. It is the story of the ups and downs that everybody faces at some point during the journey of life: the lost and found-again friends, the glory, the tragedies and the joys.

After the achievements enjoyed by Hansen lately with Unisonic and especially Gamma Ray's recent work "Empire Of The Undead", Kai Hansen has started working on the album with no precise commercial masterplan. Just playing music with the same spirit as in the very beginning.
This certainly was the reason for Hansen to communicate to his label the intention of donating the first advance payment he will receive for XXX - which in the meantime was shaping into a proper album - to the Wacken Foundation. A foundation which helps and supports young hard rock and heavy metal bands for over seven years now: Musicians full of hopes and dreams, exactly as Hansen had in the beginning of the 30 years story told on this album... in the hope that one day, somebody could tell another 30 years long magic story, also thanks to this album.

Together with Hansen, a stellar band of musicians gravitating around the Chameleon Studio in Hamburg has formed spontaneously:


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2016 lustforlive anniversary cd 500"Lust For Live" (Anniversary Edition) will be released on May 06th, 2016 on earMUSIC.

25 years of Gamma Ray – 25 years of heavy metal from Hamburg: what started out in spring 1990 with the release of their debut album “Heading For Tomorrow” has achieved international fame a quarter of a century later. Tours around the globe with sold-out shows in the US, Canada, South America, Asia and the whole of Europe plus appearances at the most renowned festivals worldwide – vocalist/guitarist Kai Hansen’s band has long taken the world by storm.
In view of this impressive stocktaking on the occasion of their anniversary, there’s a special reason to rejoice for their international fan community: the band’s full back catalogue will be rereleased over the course of a year. All albums will be available as premium-quality digipaks including newly designed cover artwork.

To cut a long story short: Gamma Ray are celebrating their anniversary in style, and all their fans are invited!

When Gamma Ray took to the stage at the Hamburg Docks on 25 September 1993 to record the show for their scheduled live video “Lust For Live” (at that time available only on VHS cassette), the musicians Kai Hansen, Ralf Scheepers, Dirk Schlächter, Jan Rubach and Thomas Nack immediately enthralled their fans with their furioso performance. The Docks saw them unleash the primeval energy which had built up during the lavish studio production of their third studio album “Insanity And Genius”. The opener ´Tribute To The Past` immediately proved why Gamma Ray’s shows have been considered a Mecca for metal fans worldwide since the group was launched in spring 1989: as powerful and haunting as the band may sound on their studio albums – live on stage, Gamma Ray have always surpassed their studio performances.

Naturally, for Gamma Ray the Hamburg show in September 1993 was special in every respect. Not only because it took place in the group’s home city but also because the band presented their new line-up to their fans for the first time. On top of all that, the set list that night was impressive: along with brand-new numbers such as ´Tribute To The Past`, ´Insanity And Genius` ´Last Before The Storm` and their back then current single release ´Future Madhouse`, Hansen, Scheepers, Schlächter and new additions Rubach and Nack also delivered a breathtaking Helloween medley featuring the songs ´I Want Out`, ´Future World` and ´Ride The Sky`. In addition, Kai Hansen performed ´Heal Me` as a vocal duet with Ralf Scheepers, already hinting at the personnel change which was to follow a few months later.

What nobody anticipated that night at the Docks: this was to be the band’s last official recording featuring Scheepers. A few months later, Gamma Ray parted ways with their frontman from the south of Germany, Hansen doubling as vocalist ever since and the show at the Docks being the first time since his 1985 Helloween debut album “Walls Of Jericho” that he simultaneously played the guitar and sang lead vocals in a band.  

“Looking back more than 20 years, you can’t help but smile,” Hansen confesses. “We were like things possessed, playing almost every song either too fast or too hard, some of them both. We sounded like some kind of metal tornado. There was pure euphoria among the band members at that time.”