Kai visits Athens

On April 14th Kai shows up at the EHOHROMA Club in Athens, Greece where he will be part of a party which is presented by the greek online metal magazine METAL ZONE. Further information can be found at their website: www.metalzone.gr. So if you're in Athens that day it could be a good opportunity to have a beer with Kai.

Gamma Ray filming DVD

The Rays will film their Montreal Show on May 06th for a double DVD which is scheduled for a release in September. In addition to the concert which will be filmed with several cameras the DVD will contain lots of bonus stuff like a roadmovie (the band will be accompanied by a cameraman for the complete North American tour), a history part, behind the scenes footage, video clips etc. So if you're able to visit the show don't miss it because it's your chance to be on the next Gamma Ray release.

Rock-Harz Headliner

Gamma Ray has been confirmed as headliner of Rock-Harz Festival in Osterode, Germany on July, 8th.

Henjo on stage with Edguy

Germany's fun-metal-band Edguy had a very special guest participation during their last Rocket-Ride european concert yesterday in Fulda, Germany: Gamma Ray guitarist Henjo Richter entered the stage for the second encore "Avantasia" and thus was celebrated and welcomed by 2.000 enthusiastic metal-heads who saw an excellent performance of Henjo.

Pictures of this event coming soon...

More festivals with Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray has been confirmed for another two festivals during this summer: Gods of Metal in Milano, Italy and Monsters of Rock in Kavarna, Bulgaria.