Written by Harald.

Gamma Ray's long awaited DVD will be finally out in September, the exact date will follow soon. So far, we already can inform you about the content of this CD/DVD-Box, which is:

Show Kanada Montreal `06, 18 Tracks: Welcome, Gardens of the Sinner, NoWorld Order, Man on a mission, Fight, Blood Religion, HMUniverse, Dream Healer, Heart of the Unicorn, Fairytale(Accoustic), The Silence, Beyond the black Hole.Valley of the Kings,Somewhere out in Space, Land of the Free, Rebellion in Dreamland, I Want Out, Send Me a Sign
Playing Time: approx. 120 min
Historay Part : 47min, Road Movie USA `06 : 16min, Kai&Henjo unplugged in Japan : 15min
VideoClips: HM Universe Melbourne, Space Eater, One with the World, Rebellion in Dreamland, Gammaray, Eagle, S.M.A.S
Show Wacken 03/06: One with the World, Last before the Storm, Rebellion, Heavy Metal Universe, Somewhere out in Space

DVD3 Bonus:
Road Movie Hellish Rock Spain
Barcelona Show: Into the Storm, Empress, From the Ashes, Real world

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