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Tapes Of The Past

Written by earMusic on .

Kai Hansen busy in a trip back to the tapes days... working on the extra material for the first Gamma Ray reissue. More news soon!

kai hansen 2015 tapes

GammaRay To Release Their First Ever Best Of Album "The Best (Of)"

Written by earMusic on .

Gamma Ray - The Best (Of) - 2015It’s been a wild ride for Germany’s power metal institution Gamma Ray.
Led by Kai Hansen, one of the most loved metal icons of the last 30 years, Gamma Ray has influenced and shaped the genre since 25 years. Simply put, year after year they became – and stayed – one of the most solid flagships in Classic and Power Heavy Metal and still are its undisputed kings.
Now, after eleven studio albums and the release of their recent studio album “Empire Of The Undead” almost one year ago – the most successful record in the band’s history yet, Gamma Ray is ready to get their first selection of their best and most representative songs on one album.

THE BEST (Of)” is going to be released on January 30th, 2015 on earMUSIC.

GammaRay Releasing "Empire Of The Undead" in March 2014

Written by Harald on .

It’s more or less done, the wait is over. Finally, the 11th studio album from GAMMARAY Empire Of The Undead” is almost* done and ready to go.

Empire Of The Undead” the fast metal song in the typical GAMMARAY style that has influenced so many bands around the world, has appeared on the single / EP “Master Of Confusion” an appetizer the band released in 2013, just before touring the world non-stop with “relatives” Helloween.

GAMMARAY worked on the new album during various sessions in 2013, during and in between their perennial tour with Eike Freese at the mixing desk supporting the ever precious work of bass player and co-writer Dirk Schlaechter.
It was just after landing in South America, that an unbelievable news reached Kai Hansen & co.: Hammer Studio, their home, rehearsal place, studio and meeting point for many metal bands in Germany had been blown away by a terrifying fire-stroke, together with instruments, amps, tapes…
Back in their hometurf the band needed to get an overview about their losses only to do what they do best – move on! With that usual Kai Hansen smirk look…
Life is too good to stop and moan.

Nearly everything was destroyed, except the tapes of the almost finished new studio album.
“If this could not stop us… nothing ever will” – joked Kai Hansen -  who also added quotes.

“We got rid of a lot of shit that we gathered there. Unfortunately a lot of good equipment as well. Anyhow, we look into the future and we saved the production and we can continue now in this new place. By mid January we should be done with the work on this album and it’s up to the record company to release it – sometime in March.

Empire Of The Undead” will be released as CD, LP, Limited edition CD with extra visual content and a box that features the CD, a shirt and a poster.